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Shipping & Delivery



Free 1-2 Day Delivery on all Orders HKD 488+   

With "FREE 1-2 DAY DELIVERY on all orders 488+," you receive free shipping on all orders to the continental United States from any of our sites, if your order includes at least $49 of merchandise (excluding gift-wrap and taxes).

For orders less than 488+, we charge a flat rate shipping fee of HKD 50.


Delivery Speed

You must order by 6 p.m. in the time zone of your order's destination for 1-2 day delivery to apply.

No delivery on Sundays or major holidays.

Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or over a major holiday may take longer than 2 days to arrive.

We are not responsible for delays caused by the carriers which may also delay delivery times.

Estimated delivery times will be noted directly on the product detail page, in your shopping cart at the time of your order and in your order confirmation email. Actual delivery times are subject to change.

The following may result in delayed shipping or delivery:

      -  Incorrect shipping address.

      -  Shipping address does not match billing address.

      -  Payment delay or issue.

      -  Canceling items, combining orders or changing your shipping address.

      -  Orders held because they contain a large quantity of a single item that would cause inventory depletion.

      -  Customs clearance procedures.


Where We Ship

We ship to Hong Kong delivery addresses.       

Tracking Your Order     

When your order ships, you will receive an email with shipping and tracking information. You can use your tracking number on the carrier's website to trace your order. You can always find your tracking number and order details by going to "Your Account."


Extra Mile Items

We put our warehouses near to where you live so you'll receive your order in 2 days or less. On rare occasions, an item may be out-of-stock at your local warehouse. No worries! We're happy to go that extra mile and send it to you from the next nearest warehouse for free (on any order over HK$ 488).